About Us

Pine Haven is a fee-based investment counsel firm located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and Portland, Oregon.  Pine Haven provides financial counsel, planning and investment management to a select group of clients. 

We are a small independent firm investing for your life and for your heirs.

First, we take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your goals and dreams, and then we work together to enact a plan. Through this process Pine Haven provides you peace of mind and a roadmap to financial security. Pine Haven believes that long-term investment success does not come by accident, but that it is easy to achieve following a disciplined investment and savings program. 

Pine Haven has strong representation on both coasts of America. Paige Johnson Roth founded the firm in 1999 and moved from Portland, Oregon in 2001 to be nearer her family in New England.  She guaranteed continued success in the west by bringing on Kori Allen as a partner in 2009. Both women worked together in a Portland firm and have investment values of equity and sustainability. They take pleasure in helping people attain financial independence in a socially responsible way.

Pine Haven is founded on a philosophy of steady investing over the long term. The pine tree is a fitting symbol for this philosophy, as it starts low from a small seed and grows large and sturdy over time.  Patience is needed, careful tending, too, and an "optimistic long-term view," according to Ms. Roth.

As the name Pine Haven conveys, theirs is a company that provides a place for such growth, a haven in which the seeds of wealth can be well-tended and protected.

In order to uphold the highest ethical standards, the independent Registered Investment Advisor charges a fee based on the percentage of assets that are managed. In this way the fees only rise when the account balances rise, eliminating the conflict of interest inherent in commission-based compensation.


Value Based Investing

Ever felt uncomfortable owning a company that had a stance different from your own values? Are you concerned about the sustainablility of the companies you own? Would you like to have your investments be aligned with your values?

At Pine Haven clients can work with us to have an investment portfolio that matches their values with your money. To do this we help clients identify their values and set realistic financial goals. We look to connect our clients money, values and life. As part of this process investors can develop a values based portfolio and we can setup specific screens for use. This is a individualized socially responsible portfolio.

In all of our stock selections, we consider what are called Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG). Consideration of ESG in investing is important to help determine the long-term viability of a company. The area of ESG investing has taken more prominence in the past few years as both investors and corporations are incorporating ESG factors in their work.

Our Team

Paige Johnson Roth


Kori Allen, CFP®

Partner & Principal

Gretchen Cole

Director of Client Services

Our Approach

At Pine Haven, we believe there are two essential parts to providing for your financial future.  We have found that future successes are achieved when the two aspects work together.  The two aspects are Counsel and Management.



Providing Counsel is a very important part of planning for your financial future. At Pine Haven developing a deep understanding of your goals and objectives is very important to our mutual success. During our initial conversations we work to discover your needs, concerns, current situation, goals, and thoughts on your whole financial picture. This includes discussions on goals for retirement, estate and college planning, family values, charitable giving, and other areas. 

Here is some information on Paige's families approach to Counsel over the years and how it has effected her life. MyFamily   



At Pine Haven, for most clients we purchase individual equities. These individual equities are in some cases matched with mutual funds for diversification purposes. Unlike Wall Street, we purchase and hold our equities for many years - we are long term investors. We do not try to predict or time the market as history has shown this to not be a successful long term investment strategy. Most of the individual securities we own are large multinational companies - so that they are names investors are familiar with. 

Here is some further information on our investing philosophy: The Predictables


Main Office
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Fairhaven, MA 02719

Oregon Office
Kori Allen, CFP®
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